Hello, my name is Vladislav Faust.

I am a jack of anything IT, master of some; see my CV.

You can contact me via TwitterGitHub or Telegram, or even e-mail me directly at hey at vladfaust.com.

Curriculum vitae

Throughout my 10+ years of experience in Information Technology, I've tried everything from compiling COFF after LLVM lowering to designing a resilient ultra-scalable fleet of FAAS workers. Anything from Substrate and IPFS to event-driven stock price prediction.

Once a technology is understood by me, it becomes boring. It is like surfing on the waves of technology trends, on the surface of the greatest whirlpool of singularity. By understanding I mean not entirely known, e.g. all quirks of the hell-born Rust code, no. Understanding means fundamental, decomposed knowledge enough to build a solution at any scale.

For me, it is not about thoroughly learning API of yet another web framework, it is instead getting hands on the set of tooling a technology offers, so that I may choose the best framework suitable for the problem. If I were to compile my 10+ years of experience into one line, that would be the following:

Right tooling is paramount.

In the very end what I really want is to exercise human love at its fullness. No technology brings me closer to that desire. My extra-wide experience does, though. I am currently looking for a lesser-code job, such as team leading, facilitation, architecture design etc., with almost any stack. Still, I'm okay with coding if needed. Find my contacts in the header.


Recent blog posts

Project list

Onyx, the language (2020-present)

Onyx is a novel programming language I'm working on.

Crystal-related projects (2018-2020)

Crystal is a Ruby-inspired programming language, but compiled.

Crystal shards (2018-2020)

shard is a Crystal code package.

Ruby gems (2015-2017)

Other projects