Hello, my name is Vladislav Faust.

I am a jack of anything IT, master of some; see my CV.

You can contact me via TwitterGitHub or Telegram, or even e-mail me directly at hey at vladfaust.com.

The game of life

, Moscow, Russia

I am experiencing me; that is nature, stuff and dreams. There is no such thing as distinct me, it’s all reflections in the mirror of perception. No word could possibly express myself, as God can not be told by human.

I love you and I hate you. It doesn’t really matter. Every thing is life and death. After terrifying years of being, the game of hide-and-seek has come to end. The God has found self, the God has found meaning. Apocalypse it is.

What’s next is deus ex machina, AI, and homo tech-i-nica. To fly to stars and galaxies beyond; the perfect apparatus. My game is ending, the game of life it is. Another day is blessing. Love is the only and the greatest of gifts.